Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life after ASASI TESL UiTM

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Referring to my previous post(my ancient post) : Apa itu TESL? back on 2011. 
So, what should we do after we've finished the foundation year? the next step is to apply for degree. You could do so when the application is open. And yes, you can apply for any courses that you desire or interested in except for Science field ( obviously la cannot because you were from TESL foundation). So far, non of my friends further in any science programme. Now, read carefully. If you would like to further degree in TESL and other pendidikan programme, you must sit for MEDSI written test. After you've success you'll be called for the interview. Then, wait for any offer. Usually, most of the students apply to further degree by UPU. If you want to apply for USM and UM you have to buy the pin number particularly for these universities. You can also further in other IPTS's, IF and only if  in the requirement stated that they accept application from foundation students. Because I am not really sure how is the procedure of IPTS's. Then, after the application you wait la.. hee.

After the nerve wrecking waiting, I DID NOT get the offer to further degree in TESL.. It was sad. I know I did not get the chance to further TESL when no notification asking me to attend the interview after the MEDSI's written test.haha. The test is actually a personality test. So, I believe that I don't have the criteria of an educator... Sad. There goes my dream.. Pasrah je lah. 
But, I got offer from UPM in Bachelor of Arts(English Language) in Malay Bacelor Sastera (Bahasa Inggeris). It is NOT TESL. Not from pendidikan field. Put it in simpler term : Linguistics. I don't know how to elaborate the difference from TESL but obviously it is not from the pendidikan field. But for those who are interested to be a teacher or an educator,you can. further for any pendidikan programme after the completion of this programme. 

I cried after I got this offer. I am dying to further in UiTM because of the cheaper fee. And it feels familiar because I've experienced UiTM's environment. So, with this heavy heart I register as UPM's student. It was difficult for me because I never expected or planned to be here. Furthermore, there were persons who meant so much to me in the foundation year were not here together with me. they got different offer. Huuuu...... But, still there were friends from TESL foundation furthering this programme.

Okay, let's postpone for now. I'll update again, InsyaAllah. hee

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Auni said... Reply To This Comment

Salam kak miradyana. I'm applying for uitm's foundation in tesl inshaAllah since english is one of my fav subjects and I really wanna become an english lecturer someday, inshaAllah. Anyways, I'd like to ask you some questions on foundation in tesl at uitm. Here goes my questions...
-Can you list all of the subjects that you've learned in tesl during your foundation year?
-Can I pursue my degree in universities abroad after I've completed this foundation in tesl program?
-What were some of the questions you were asked during your interview for this program?
-Did you have any problem in trying to cope with just one year of learning?
-Do you need to take assessments often or just sit for one big exam at the end of the year like stpm and a levels?
Okay I think that's it for now. Sorry for asking too many questions. Oh btw if you could give me your lecturer's (or just anybody in uitm that could possibly advise and counsel me on foundation in tesl)'s number or email, that would help me a lot. Thank you thank you thank you. Really can't wait for your answers! Xo

Amanda Atsuko said... Reply To This Comment

assalamualaikum. i want to ask a question. if i take Bachelor of Arts (English Language), what are the common career prospects related to this specific course ?

miradyana said... Reply To This Comment

@Auni Wassalam. hallo dear.u made me open up my old asasi transcript coz I dont remember all the subjects.haha, oke here it goes :
-Islamic Education studies, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Literature, Language and Drama, Computer Literacy and Grammar.
-Yes of course. for oversea u need to sit for IELTS of TOEFL and meet other rules that the uni has set such CGPA/GPA etc.
-They only ask general questions: self introdcution,hobby, why you choose tesl. but others get questions like what r your opinion abt the current issues~ so be aware to take note of any current issues.
-Yes. I have problem with Grammar! haha. but no worries the lecturers are very helpful.
-There'll be assessments and tests and also final exam.real university environment u'll be faced when pursuing for foundation.
Sorry my dear, I lost all of the lecturers contacts XD

miradyana said... Reply To This Comment

@Amanda Atsuko Wassalam. Most common career prospect is educator/lecturer if u're taking English. Others might be translator, and other office works. because this programme's job scope is more general :)

Philomena Enggu said... Reply To This Comment

Does candidate of SPM 2015 still can apply for Asasi TESL for UiTM intake next year? Please reply:) Thank you!

Emma Ping St. said... Reply To This Comment

salam kak (:
Let's say if i take Bachelor of Arts (English Language) in UPM, do I need to be accepted through interview? BTW I'm currently abt to sit for my STPM and I really wish to pursue in any kind of English major :D Thank you so much in advance.

miradyana said... Reply To This Comment

@Philomena Enggu so sorry I am not sure about that. :)

@Emma Ping St. no interview :)

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Salam kak, im 2016's spm leaverand currently waiting for my result.thinking of pursuing in tesl but i dont know how to apply for foundation and such. Where should i go first? Thankyou!

miradyana said... Reply To This Comment

@unknown wassalam.Hello there. for tesl foundation you can apply through UPU. diploma in tesl also you can apply through UPU. Uitm offers foundation in tesl. other universities I'm not sure. if you apply at uitm then they'll call for interview. for universities like UM and USM which you hv to apply via their own portal I'm not sure

ika syafiqah said... Reply To This Comment

Salam sis,sy adlh lepasan spm 2k16.since english is my fav subject😍i will apply for a foundation in tesl through i just wnt to ask what are the most frequently questions that they will ask if they call me for an interview ?tq

miradyana said... Reply To This Comment

@ika syafikah that depends. the interviewers actually want to test your language skill.they may ask you to introduce yourself first then perhaps your opinion abt current issues, your hobby, your skill, ambition etc.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Assalammualaikum dan hi, saya merupakan salah seorang lepasan SPM 2016, and I also have interest on taking foundation in TESL at UiTM since I also love English so good and being teacher is one of my lifelong dream, so I'm wondering do we need to get A's for English if we want to apply the foundation in TESL? Or is it enough getting credit on English subject?

miradyana said... Reply To This Comment

@Anonymous The requirement for UiTM tesl foundation is yes, you need to get A for english.Other institution I'm not sure.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Assalamualaikum. Nak tanya, kalau saya dapat asasi tesl ni, (baru lepas interview), after this, for degree saya nak amik engineering boleh ke? Sebabnya masa sekolah menengah dulu saya dalam class engineering.

Qayyum Sulaiman said... Reply To This Comment

Hai assalamualaikum. Saya lepasan spm 2016 dan saya baru sahaja lepas interview asasi tesl ni. Katakan lah saya dapat then saya accept kan. After this, can i apply for engineering for degree? Sebab saya kt sekolah menengah dulu dalam class engineering.

miradyana said... Reply To This Comment

@Qayyum Sulaiman waalaikumussalam. It is not advisable. sebab sekolah lain in uni can u survive in degree kalau let say drpd tesl to degree engineering?.why don't u apply for asasi engineering instead? or diploma in engineering? or go to matric?